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Helping You Build a Better Tomorrow

Who We Are

A firm is only as good as its advisors.  

We are Ken Duetsch II, Steve Schiestel, and Brad Fogleman, partners in Grand Capital Advisors.

Brad Fogleman, Ken Duetsch II, and Steve Schiestel, of Grand Capital Advisors

Left to right: Brad Fogleman, Ken Duetsch II, and Steve Schiestel

Who We Serve

Pre-Retirees and Retirees – We specialize in helping people plan for a financially healthy retirement.

Nonprofits/Foundations/Endowments – We help these organizations make the appropriate investments to ensure their continued success.

What We Are

An Independent Registered Investment Advisory firm – We are not influenced by out-of-state management or shareholders focused solely on profitability. 

 Fee-Only – We are paid only by you. Our fees are transparent, easy to understand, and fully disclosed. We don’t receive commissions or pay-to-play backdoor payments from mutual funds or insurance companies. Our advice is totally objective, and our allegiance is only to you.  

Fiduciaries – We hold ourselves to the highest legal standard.
We always put your interest ahead of ours.

What We Do

Financial Planning and Wealth Management – We recommend optimal solutions for financial planning and wealth management issues, ranging from basic to very complex. If that means sending you to another expert, that’s what we will do. We work with you to establish priorities and an agreed-upon timeline for completing our work.

Prudent Investment Management – We advise individuals and institutions (non-profit organizations, foundations, endowments, etc.). Our goal is to give you the highest probability of success, using a disciplined, academically-based investment process. Most of our clients have assets of $1 million or more, but we’re flexible.

Financial Coaching – Whether you are an emerging affluent or a well-established client, our goal is the same: we help you to make sound investment decisions and avoid making decisions based on emotions. We work together to be sure you stick to your investment plan—in both good and bad markets.

What We Believe In

A Goals-Based Planning Process – We believe that starting with a full understanding of your goals, dreams, and concerns is the best approach to matching you with an appropriate financial plan.

 Evidence-Based Investment Philosophy – Our investment philosophy is grounded in academic, empirical research—not Wall Street mumbo jumbo. We don’t make decisions based on “hot” market trends. We don’t engage in stock picking, market timing, or trying to select outperforming, actively managed mutual funds, as some other financial advisors do.

What We Provide

Direction – Based on your unique goals and financial personality.

Clarity – We sift through the financial noise and provide clear, sound, responsible, intelligent advice. There is an abundance of misinformation available on the internet, TV, and radio—and it is often geared toward selling airtime or expensive investment products.

Peace of Mind – We want you to be comfortable with your financial situation and to have the time, energy, and resources to focus on what’s important to you.

What We Bring

Core Values Based on the Golden Rule. It’s not just a slogan for us. It guides our daily lives and is at the core of our relationships with our families, our friends, our colleagues, and you.

Qualifications, Education, and Experience. Our experience with wealth management is extensive. Our education, qualifications, and designations will give you confidence in our expertise. 

The National Association of Professional Financial Advisors